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A propos du film “Arrival” sur le site du maître John Truby:

Dear Professor,

if you allow me, I would like to make an objection to the film “Arrival”, which demonstrates how one can build a balanced and fair narrative, while at the same time telling an absurd tale, a complete nonsense that misleads the audience by the mastered techniques of the story.

If the film allows itself with great fluidity, and a tension that finds its outcome in a way that is completely balanced and interrogative for the audience, especially about the choices we take in our lives, when these choices can lead to unfortunate events, a choice that we would like to avoid, having this ability to read the future, power that brings us those ET, I asked myself at the end of the film about the need for these ET to come to offer us a power, which ultimately is useless, since in any case, even if we know that our choice will cause suffering, we will still do it. And if that’s the case, those ET should then stay at home. And if that means that the future is uncertain, because we have always had a choice, then reading in the futur is impossible because “Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future “. It’s all the film that fails into infinity.

And mostly, why telling such a story? Why telling us that we will face sadness again and again by taking the choice to make it again and again? Because it’s better than nothing? Why telling to get used to this fatality, when we already know it, because this is just what we experience from decades in our everyday life traiend by stupid media? Film is a way to overcomes fatality in his virtual dimension that we call Myth. But those last years new mythology is becomming too much real-life-sized (Like the movie “Her” per exemple, or “Game of Thrones”, “The Force Awakens”, “The Last Jedi”…), which means, depressive, dark, dissolving our faith in a better brighter higher life. Why doing this? Why telling this?

But most important, I wanted to thank you for all the investment and the work that you have been able to offer us in recent years, to share your analysis and your knowledge with such a generosity, to read and listen to you is a source of clear water that will drive us to some better tomorrow and for sure, these will not have been made for nothing! ; )

With profond respect and admiration,